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Cogswell and Harrison warrants that their firearms are manufactured free of defects in material or workmanship. For a period of 1 year after the original purchase date, Cogswell and Harrison agree to correct any such defect in their firearm by repair, or if deemed necessary, by replacement at the discretion of Cogswell and Harrison, with the same or a comparable quality firearm.

Cogswell and Harrison don’t warrant the wood (stock or forend), or metal finish. With respect to finish (matching of pieces, dents, scratches, cuts, etc.), it is the responsibility of the customer to inspect the product prior to purchase, and to ensure that it is free from defects or damage.


This warranty is effective for the original retail purchaser of the firearm only.  

Cogswell and Harrison assume no responsibility for product malfunction, physical injury, or damage to property, as a result, either in whole or in part, of criminal or negligent use of the product, improper or careless handling, unauthorised modifications, use of defective, improper, hand-loaded, reloaded or remanufactured ammunition, customer abuse or neglect of the product, or other influences beyond manufacturer’s direct and immediate control. This warranty does not apply to normal wear of any parts, including metal, wood, plastic, rubber,  surface finish or other materials, or if an unauthorized repair or alteration has been performed.

Wholesalers, dealers, or gunsmiths are not authorised to make any warranty repair or adjustment on behalf of Cogswell and Harrison, unless they are authorised to carry out such work, prior to commencement of such work, by Cogswell and Harrison.

Should warranty service be required for your firearm, please return it to Cogswell and Harrison or to the retailer from where you purchased your Cogswell and Harrison firearm, giving full details of the defect or malfunction, the date of purchase, and a copy of your sales receipt.


Extension of the Warranty Repair Period:

A ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ can be applied for by the first owner of every Cogswell and Harrison gun produced since 2012. On receipt of the completed application, Cogswell and Harrison will extend the warranty from 1 year to 3 years. The customer will also be issued with a Certificate of Authenticity and the details of the purchase will be included in the archives of Cogswell and Harrison. There is a £15.00 administration fee.

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